iPhone 6 problem

There are various things about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that are annoying users. However, there is one that is really annoying the users. That thing is the design of the camera; it is protruding out from the back side. It was not supposed to be like that. What is really interesting is that Google Nexus 9 tablet also has a protruding camera. Nonetheless, this camera doesn’t annoy the users because it makes more sense to be there.

Nexus 9 camera

Reason for protruding camera

One usually never notices that protruding camera on Nexus 9 tablet. Google put out a Nexus 9 promo video, and it was then when most people realized there is a protruding camera when the right angle side of the tablet was shown. The actual reason why the cameras are extending out in Google Nexus 9 as well as in iPhone 6 is the same. The reason was to the make the device as thin as possible. Therefore, the corners of the device are tapered. Now it is not possible to have a camera at an angel, and keep it even with the tapered corner. That is why half of the camera pokes out from the case while the half remains inside. As a result, camera remains parallel to the rest of the tablet.

Why Nexus 9 camera is better

There was one other possibility that Google could have chosen another position for the camera but that did not happen. The camera sticking out of the Nexus 9 tablet is somewhat not annoying like that of iPhone 6. In the case of iPhone, it is not possible for the device lay flat on the table; that is something which makes many people uncomfortable. People with a little obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can get quite uncomfortable with that. The camera of Nexus 9 is even with the body of tablet. When the device is placed on a table, it lays flat though the camera pokes out a bit.