Many of us are used to saying ‘Ok Google’ and command Google Now to do so many cool things for us like checking a flight, setting alarm, initiating calls, sending messages or asking any questions for which we want to know the answers. Well, the Commandr app makes it even better.


Commandr does not use any advanced algorithms but it simply adds several triggers or commands to Google Now. Ryan Senanayake, a 16 year old developer has created the Commandr app which when installed, toggles several commands. These include Wi-Fi on/off, GPS on/off, flashlight on/off, Bluetooth on/off, Wireless Hotspot on/off, Play/Resume music, Previous/Next song, Raise/Lower Volume, Silence/Unsilence ringer, Lock/Unlock phone, take a photo/Selfie, enable/Disable rotation lock, sync, Airplane mode or car mode, and many more such functions that are useful to us in our day to day life.


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Commandr is integrated with the Tasker which enables you to add the custom commands you want.  All you need to do is turn Commandr into the default note-taking app so that when you say “Ok Google” and then “note to self”, you will be giving a command to the Commander.For example, if you say “note to self, turn on the WiFi”, your WiFi will turn on. The commands also work offline but for that you have to type them out.

You can also use this app on Android Wear smartwatches as they support Google Now. You can either say “ok Google” and the command which you want executed or you can open the full Android Wear app and tap the command.

You can download the free Commandr app from the Google Play Store.

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