Manufacturers never give full information to the market on the upcoming features to surprise the audiences. However, giving full info of feature can be a good way to indicate how the future products will be.

When it comes to the leading brand, Apple Company, you can expect high and exclusive features. You may be hunting for the secret news that the company is preparing to come with. Apple has approved a new interesting improvement in the security level feature ‘TouchID.’

Combination Safe Lock Patterns might be for Apple’s TouchID

The combination on the TouchID security level is not fenced with only your fingerprints. The developed security system will register your fingerprint and then, give you a predefined security code that you need to rotate to unlock the home button.

Apple has granted the feature for its TouchID. However, this does not mean that Apple will use full of it. In fact, the users will be given the option to make it safer than now or just enter with your fingerprint. Let’s watch the iDevice patterns.