Do you know how much dirty your phone is? You are feeling awkward watching a dirty restroom but can keep a dirty smartphone on your hand all day long! PhoneSoap is a new device that can sanitize smartphone using UV light.

Two cousins have planed and created the PhoneSoap that are available only few Staples locations. The case price is fixed at $59.99 for the users that ensures to kill 99.9% germs. Moreover, the handset cleaning device included a $14.95 priced screen polish and $4.95 priced a portable microfiber.

QVC Queen Lori Greiner agreed to give $300,000 in the company investment for the device in exchange of 10% of PhoneSoap. In CES 2015, the product has been unveiled that is originally comes from Kickstarter.

The hard effort of two cousins comes light with the PhoneSoap product. If any of the device that can clean your product without being wet, you should of course proceed to buy it for your smartphone. Moreover, you can get two in one recharging and cleaning from the PhoneSoap.