Chrome for Android gets better with an update to version 35.0.1916.122. It includes new appealing enhancements, including the ability to undo a tab close and support for select multi-window devices. It also includes support for fullscreen video with subtitles and HTML5 controls, the ability to cast some videos with Chromecast and indefinite bug fixes.

The  undo tab close feature is really simple to use, but if you’re not paying close attention it’s easy to miss the prompt, leaving the tab lost forever.You will see a new “Undo” prompt pop-up at the bottom of your screen when you close a tab.The prompt hangs out for only a few seconds, so you’ll need to act quickly.


One of the biggest new features is support for devices with multi-window features. So if you have a Galaxy Note device or any other with same spec, you can now browse the web and check the mails at the same time.Chrome also can stream “select” videos you are watching while you’re browsing to a Chromecast. It’s unknown which videos you can stream at this time, but more Chromecast support is always great.

You can download the update to Chrome now from Google Play where it’s available for Android devices running Android 4.0 and upwards.How do you like the new Google Chrome features?