Wear Face Collection is the largest and most impressive collection of Android Wear watch faces available. Another good thing about it is that the entire collection is available as a package via a single app. Several built-in watch face design options are available with the smartwatches but thanks to xda app developer cyberniko, there are plenty more that you can download and use. The Wear Face Collection is available on the Google Play Store.

Wear Face Collection -1

Wear Face Collection features several attractive watch faces that you can choose from. The watch faces include casual, design and classic styles and the collection is growing day by day. You can choose the watch face you want for your Samsung Galaxy Gear Live or the LG G Watch. Motorola Moto 360 is also supported by the app but circular watch faces are not yet available. They may be made available when the Moto 360 is released.

Wear Face Collection - 2

The Wear Face Collection will install both on your Android smartphone and your smart watch.  When you install the app on your smartphone, it automatically gets installed on your watch. You can activate the app on your smartwatch by long-pressing on its face and selecting “wear face collection”.  You can then select the watch face that you like. At least half of the watch faces in the Wear Face Collection are offered for free.

If you are looking to spice up your watch face collection, head over to Google Play Store Wear Face Collection and download the app.

Check out some more watch faces below:

Wear Face Collection - 3

Wear Face Collection - 4