This year has been a big year for the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Upon going global, the company has managed to build a huge customer base across Indian, Singapore and other countries. Xiaomi is known for venturing into diverse business segment. Apart from just selling smartphones, the company also has its on branded TVs, Media Players and headphones.

Recent rumors claim that the company is known planning to venture into the laptop business. Such speculations have been making rounds in the tech industry since past six months and now there are even more concrete evidences available in the form of images. The leaked images shows the company working laptops similar to the Apple Macbook Air.

Alleged Xiaomi Laptop 2 Alleged Xiaomi Laptop 3 Alleged Xiaomi Laptop 4

The leaked images shows up the laptop to be having a similar design and shape as well as a similar color scheme. Below the screen, you can clearly see the Mi logo and even to its back with a sandstone finish. The standard orange colored button also seems to be there giving the device a lot of brand identity.

In addition to the images, the source has also disclosed some of the specs for the device. The laptop is said to be powered with the Intel Haswell chip – i7 4500U with two 8GB dual channel memory modules making it a total of 16GB RAM. The screen size is said to be 15inch with full HD 1080p display and would be reasonably priced around at $481 or CNY 2.999.

However, there is no official word out there from the company.