Since long, there has been a rumors about Samsung currently working on circular display smartwatch. The smart wearable is likely to be called as Gear A or Samsung Orbis  and is expected to be unveiled in September along with the Galaxy Note 5.

Last month, Samsung has confirmed this news of making a circular display smartwatch by teasing a new Gear SDK. Samsung has now made the SDK available to be downloaded and hence we can get the glimpse of the Tizen UI which is the expected OS for the watch. Additionally, the SDK also gives the information for some of the features that the Orbis / Gear A is likely to come along with. This includes a rotary bezel similar to the Apple’s Digital Crown wherein by rotating the bezel users can zoom in and out the  images, adjust the volume and even navigate between screens.

The Samsung Gear A /  Orbis is likely to have a 1.65inch display with 360 x 360 pixel resolution, heart rate monitor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity and GPS. This smart wearable can also prove to be one of the most interesting devices from the Samsung camp. Take a look at what the UI has to offer:

Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-14 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-01 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-02 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-03 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-04 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-05 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-06 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-07 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-08 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-09 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-10 Samsung-round-smartwatch-Orbis-Gear-A-UI-11

source: Samsung