Almost everything about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 has been known right from the specs to some of the image renders. The chassis for the device is still in speculation and it is being said that the Samsung Galaxy S6 would be having a glass covering both to its front and back. Now some very beautiful 3D render models for the device have appeared made by a group of artists at Concept Phones.

Well, these renders show the device with a very thin metal frame having bit rounded up corners and a protruding camera lens to its back which has been seen in previous rumors and leaks of the device. In addition to just the Galaxy S6, the concept designers have also shown the design for the Galaxy S6 Edge and shows it to be a dual-curved model as speculated earlier. The Galaxy S6 Edge is likely to have a flexible substrate AMOLED display. the sides of the Galaxy S6 Edge are said to be bit less sloppy so that it offers firm grip in user’s hands. Check out the concept video showing the two beautiful devices.

source: AndroidJS via NWE