Tizen OS is as such associated closely with Samsung. However, at the moment, the company has only few retail ready devices but the chip making giant Intel is believed to be a major game player in it. Intel is believed to have a reference device with a codename of Josephine having its own Obsidian UI. The Obsidian UI is different from Android and hosts lot many features diamond shapes for notifications, icons and widgets.

gsmarena_001 gsmarena_002

gsmarena_003 gsmarena_004

Few screenshots from its app drawer showcases a lot many apps like Flickr, Skype, Twitter, Netflix, Facebook and Google’s Drive and Currents. Here we bring you a video from Tizen Indonesia that appeared in last June. This older version of the Os shows the shortcuts are square and rotates 45 degree forming a diamond shape to grab attention.

The video quality is bit week to clearly judge that whether it is a Android phone with custom ROM or Josephine.