Now home 3D printer is available at the cheapest rate in the market with good features. LEGOs brand was providing 3D printer at only $200 and Kickstarter has launcher another QU-BD One Up 3D printer at $199.

Arkansas-based company has successfully brought out the cheapest features that committed over $400,000 crowd funding campaign to invent this. However, the company is also continuing the new versions order for home 3D printer kit.

QU-BD is the new model of 3D printing machine that comes in bright neon color that is available at the Bay Area of Marker Faire in California. According to the company manager, the company is working to bring more models but lack of orders, new models of Kickstarter backers will be available in next month.

Cheapest 3D printer Plan Progress at $199

The company is trying to fulfill all features to print 3D at home with some modifying in the basic model. The main aim is to keep the price lower and reach to every home’s door for delivering good printing option with bright colors, increase production area, heated bed and other modification.

Cheapest 3D printer plan is goes on because of new orders from the market that new order 3D printers will be available in next month.