Security gadgets are available in the market, but some people are not able to buy them because of high prices. Korner has come out with a security gadget for there customers. A security system, which will cost less than $ 100 will be a pocket friendly option for people’s security needs. The device consists of a tag, which can be fixed to the corner of a door or a window; it also has an Ethernet dongle that can be connected to a router. Additionally, you can receive notifications from the device on your android phone by downloading an android app.

Once a door or a window is opened, the tag will send out an alert to the Ethernet dongle, which is connected to the router. The Ethernet dongle will turn on the siren and you will receive a notification on your phone about the same. This very simple structure and functioning makes it an easy to use device. You can alert your neighbours or police, once you receive the notification.

Apart from that, some other attributes of this device make it easy to use and install. A one-piece sensor substitutes the two-piece sensor provided by traditional manufacturers. This makes it easy to install and consumes less energy. The risk of false alarm is also been marginalised.

A campaign is been run by korner over at Indiegogo, and the goal is to reach $1,50,000. The total amount raised till now has already surpassed the initial target. This ensures that the project will definitely be funded.  korner-2

The product is available on Indiegogo at a nominal price of $99 without any annual fees. The package will contain one Ethernet dongle and 3 tags. The campaign will end in 28 days and the product will be available at $59 after that; albeit with an annual subscription fees of $39.

So grab one before the campaign ends. Householders, renters, students living away from home, etc. d, can use this product. You may use it according to your own needs and make yourself feel more secure.