Starting on 21 April, Google is making changes on their search algorithm to display the search result order in the manner whereby the websites who are mobile-friendly to be ranked at the top followed by the rest of the websites for users who search something from their phone. This approach was taken because there are about 60% of online traffic comes from mobile and Google wants them to have a good experience when they click on the link from the search page.

The groups of people who are affected by the change is the small business(es) as well as the people who do not know about this change.  They might find that the number of visitors to their websites dropped significantly and it is going to be bad for the business. However, not only small businesses will get affected by the change, big brands such as American Apparel or The Daily Mail will get affected provided if they did not update their website in time.

When we talk about Google, it always related to content. However, it seems like user experience is also important. If the content is there but it is difficult to read, it does not provide a really good experience for the users.

The change has been nicknamed “Mobile-geddon” because of the impact it has to millions of websites.