Nowadays, we depend so much from our smartphones. We basically use our smartphone to do almost everything, starting from camera, music player, and navigational device until personal assistant. Now, with the launch of Apple Pay recently, we also can use our smartphone as our wallet too.

It has been a long time since technology companies have tried to venture out to mobile payments by convincing the customers that their smartphone is a lot more secure than cash or plastic. Apple’s Apple Pay might be the turning point to the mobile payment industry.

Apple Pay works in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as Apple Watch (which is going to be launched next year). To use it is very simple. The users just need to load their credit card information into the phone and press the Touch ID fingerprint scanner when they want to make payment that time. This works as an authentication purposes. This is a lot convenient and faster than using credit card. Apple then generates unique ID number for each transaction. Do not worry since the credit card number information does not leave your smartphone.

There are alot of aspects to consider before this mobile payment can work in the market. The customers need to be convinced that they have to invest some time to learn about the new buying process in order to save more time in the future. The retailers need to invest on new equipment to accept the payment from phones and smartwatche, not to mention the banks and credit card issuers also need to convince to the idea.