With CES 2015 just round the corner, ASUS has sent out a teaser video probably to get everyone excited about the big event to be held in Las Vegas. The teaser video has a hidden message which the viewers are expected to decode.

So what is the hidden message? Well, the message says “See what others can’t see” followed by a morse code. Those who know morse code will be able to decipher it right away but most of us don’t. Morse code is a method of transmitting a message by sending a series of long and short clicks or light signal and mostly used in radio communication. These short and long signals are called dots and dashes and each alphabet has different combinations of them.

According to International Morse Code, the dots and dashes in the message point to the word “Optical Zoom”. For instance, ‘– – –‘ means ‘o’, ‘.- – .’ means ‘p’ and so on. You can check it out here if you are interested.

A representative of ASUS has confirmed that the “Optical Zoom” feature is one of the company’s highlights at the CES show. The clue may mean that ASUS is either coming out with “Optical Zoom” for its smartphone cameras or it may introduce the feature in some other device. Samsung has released a few Galaxy Zoom smartphones with optical zoom.

Well, a few more days and we will know what exactly ASUS has up its sleeve. The company is holding a press event on January 5 at the CES 2015. Stay tuned for more!!

Check out the video:



Via PhoneArena