“It allows the user to get perspectives that they couldn’t normally get with a GoPro. Now you have the opportunity to create a panoramic selfie.” – Centr CEO Bill Manta



Still wondering what’s special with Centr apart from its interesting structure, a UFO-style camera which you hold in the middle? It gives the user a different perspective, a more captivating view of the world. The perfect gadget for people who prefer videos more than photos in preserving a moment. Centr can record 360-degree high-definition video without the trouble of being out of frame or out of focus.


You have everything in the palm of your hands. Never miss a movement or an angle. Capture the whole experience with its four independent HD image sensors, joining together all four frames to give you a panoramic video in real-time. It can last up to two hours for continuous shooting and six hours on standby. Controlled through a smartphone or a tablet, held through its center hole, it can potentially start a breakthrough in filmmaking. It can shoot 1080p video geared up with 8GB flash storage, three microphones, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability and a USB 3.0 connector.

The brilliant team behind this innovation works under the name Stealth HD, a group of ex-Apple employees. Suffice it is to say, Centr’s DNA is imparted with Apple’s established manufacturing ethics. Before this venture, Centr going public, the team has already been supplying private panorama video recording solutions for the military, sports organizations and private companies, like National Geographic. And now they are finally giving access to the public to this palm-sized panoramic camera cost-effectively. ($399 at retail, with lower prices during pre-order)