Apple is giving us something new to get ourselves busy with. As we all know iOS has been released for quite a while already. And you are probably so accustomed already to what it has to offer. So, here is the good news! With the addition of Health and related apps, iOS has become more interesting and functional in our everyday lives.

For a little background, Apple had initially integrated health features in iOS 8 as it was first introduced. However, Health API and other related apps were pulled back for some reasons. But now it is back!

And the first to utilize this was Fitport – Your Fitness Dashboard.


What it has to offer? It allows you to see steps and walking distance and flights climbed automatically. It is pretty amazing, especially if you are a health buff. It is highly recommended by its users, particularly if you are already using HealthKit. And this is just one of what you can expect from iOS Health.

Another is RunKeeper, which helps you conveniently keeps track of your workout sessions through your iPhone as well as helping you achieve your fitness goals.


Expect more of these on App Store and make use of your Apple device in a more fulfilling way! This iOS feature can amazingly help people all over the world to keep track of their health and fitness and be more conscious about their lifestyle.

Have you checked out the App Store yet?