With the introduction of the iPhone 5s in the market, came along the feature of fingerprint scanner for extra security purposes. But apparently, it turns out that Siri, Apple’s trademark software, can be a turncoat of sorts. Bypassing the iOS 7.1.1’s system’s pass code or even the TouchID secured screen is as easy as requesting Siri to politely do it.

The so called fingerprint scanner is also not entirely trustworthy. A group of hackers who go by the name of Chaos Computer Club claim to have cracked the TouchID fingerprint scanner using ‘easy everyday means’. It was done by using a high resolution photo of the user’s fingerprints from any suitable surface, and then printed on a sheet of latex, which is used as a fake. The TouchID of ios 7.1.1 method works perfectly as advertised, and it is not likely that thieves hang around with fingerprint photographs. So this glitch can be overlooked for now.

The catch here is, Siri can be activated even in a locked phone. Just activate Siri and ask for contacts. Siri will request you to unlock the phone first. But if Siri is requested to make a call, she doesn’t stop you and the list is all yours. It lets you browse the contacts stored on the phone and allows you to make a call out to any one of them.

Sherif Hashim, who found out this glitch in Apple’s virtual assistant, claims that there are ways where you can edit, copy, paste, or even share contacts,. You could message or mail them too through this exploit. He provides a video showing these features.