Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is scaling up new heights these days in the international smartphone market and is bringing out some premium gadgets into the market. In May, the company announced its new 7.9inch tablet MiPad powered with Tegra processor. Now first camera samples from the tablet’s lens have appeared from Chinese CNMO.

The Xiaomi MiPad comes with 7.9inch Sharp Display with 2048×1536 pixel resolution. At its heart lies a quad-core Nvidia K1 chipset supported with 2GB of RAM. The device hosts a 8MP primary and 5MP secondary camera. The battery capacity of the device is 6700mAh. The device comes in different variants where the cheapest version is priced for $240.

XiaoMi-MiPad-camera-photo-sample-1 XiaoMi-MiPad-camera-photo-sample-2 XiaoMi-MiPad-camera-photo-sample-4 XiaoMi-MiPad-camera-photo-sample-5

The camera samples are pretty impressive showing the camera quality of the device.