T-Mobile confirms that the new WiFi calling feature will be coming to phones running the latest version of Android. This feature is expected to be active in 2015. T-Mobile will be using an OTA update to push this feature to supported devices running the new Android operating system.

The WiFi calling feature enables people to stay connected to the network through WiFi even when the cellular signal is too weak. This means that as long as you are near a WiFi hotspot and your phone is connected to that hotspot, your call should continue without any interruption.

T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 owners will be the first to get this WiFi calling feature. They will be able to make calls and send text messages through WiFi. So, if you are in a basement or in another place where signals are usually non-existent, then this should be a useful feature for you.


T-Mobile plans to launch the Nexus 6 on November 12th. This phone will be available for 24 monthly installment payments of $27.08 and only a 0$ down payment. When you add it up, the total cost of the phone over a year comes to to $649.92

Here’s the official announcement by T-Mobile:

“Shipping with Android 5.0, the new Nexus 6 gives customers the latest and greatest Google mobile experience, and seamless integration with the apps they love. Plus, this hot new smartphone is expected to support Wi-Fi Un-leashed beginning in early 2015 with an over-the-air update– making it the first-ever Nexus device that will support Wi-Fi Calling thanks to enhancements in Android 5.0.”