One more gimmick of releasing iPhone 6 dummy has come into light. Somehow, this time the rumour has a bit more credibility to it. The image of the so-called design for Apple’s forthcoming handset has been handed over to us with courtesy of Sonny Dickson, who has leaked many times iPhone or iPad before with an impressive history of hitting the mark. The picture reassures a svelte iPod touch-thin chassis, which rumours pegged to be a hair over 6mm. Such width would be a more than a striking achievement, particularly if the iPhone 6 is made of quality material-combination of metal and glass.

The power/lock key has been placed to the side, to make possible one-handed manoeuvre that will as you might expect become a bit struggling if the iPhone 6 goes for a 4.7″ display panel, as speculated numerous times before. The rear-camera might have the company of  single LED flash opening. Still, we cannot avoid the fact that it is a purported dummy unit. Moreover, it has a two-tone flash which will still be suitable in this circular slit. If we want to sum it up it still looks a vivid imagination of Apple’s current design concept.