Rumors pertaining to the incorporation of voice calling in the most widely used messaging application WhatsApp are floating since long in the tech industry. To add some more heat to the talk, there is one more report that says that WhatsApp could possibly have a “Call via Skype” feature in their next update.

To justify this, the source has spotted a string code which shows the feature. In addition to this the string also confirms other features like Call Hold, Call Back, Call me in X minutes, Call Mute, Call back message, Call via Skype, Separate Screen for call logs and call notifications. Previously we have seen few images showing up a phone call on WhatsApp.


Apart from this it is said that WhatsApp is also working towards bringing a “Driving Mode”. This would be placing a Do Not Disturb sign once you are on the steering wheel of your car. Moreover, one more feature that will read out messages while you are driving is said to be in works.

All these however are rumors in the air but it seems that Facebook is working a lot to add more features to its most happening application.

source: MakTechBlog