While Google Glass is still in beta phase, Lenovo has introduced a competitor for Google Glass and is looking to gain support for it. The new wearable has been named as C1.


The C1 is designed to be worn like Google Glass but it is not similar to Glass in design in some ways. The battery in C1 has different placement; it is worn around the neck. Not much is revealed about the device by Lenovo but it introduced the platform which it hoped to join developers on to support the new wearable and for other things.

The platform NBD will provide support for the C1 and many other things relating with mobile software landscape. NBD can help the developers and its partners through financial aid, research work and production. Luftmed, a German outfit is one such company. The company manufactures air purifiers that are affordable and can be controlled with Smartphone.


Although NBD has only roots in China now but with the help of Lenovo it can expand its roots worldwide.

Lenovo had partnered with Vuzix and its planning on bringing M100 smart glasses to China. The smart glass runs on Android 4.0.4, with 1GHz OMAP4460 CPU and 1GB RAM. The storage can be expanded to 4GB. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and includes motion gestures. People in China will be able to purchase it from July 31st; it is priced at 8,000 yuan or $1300.

For now we can only wait to find more about C1, more information will be revealed in October.