The much awaited OnePlus One smartphone is to be officially announced later this month on 23rd April, and there is a bunch of OnePlus One camera samples that have come out straight through the smartphone’s camera. The device boasts a 13MP shooter on the back and what seems for the samples is that the camera delivers excellent results. Here are the OnePlus One camera samples that have appeared.

2014-04-15_19-47-36  2014-04-15_19-48-27   2014-04-15_19-49-25   2014-04-15_19-50-27  2014-04-15_19-51-19  2014-04-15_19-51-59  2014-04-15_19-52-45 2014-04-15_19-53-07 2014-04-15_19-53-25 2014-04-15_19-53-41  2014-04-15_19-54-19 2014-04-15_20-12-36 2014-04-15_20-14-01 2014-04-15_20-16-35 2014-04-15_20-17-07 2014-04-15_20-17-32 2014-04-15_20-18-14 2014-04-15_20-18-40 2014-04-15_20-19-09 2014-04-15_20-19-22 2014-04-15_20-19-43 2014-04-15_20-19-57 2014-04-15_20-20-18 2014-04-15_20-20-31 2014-04-15_20-21-00



Now for this particular shot, there is a straight comparison between the OnePlus One, LG G2, Note 3 and the HTC One.

2014-04-15_19-55-27 2014-04-15_19-55-46 2014-04-15_19-56-11 2014-04-15_19-56-23

The OnePlus One smartphone sports a 5.5” 1080p display, a Snapdragon 801 SoC clocked at 2.45GHz, 3GB RAM, 3100mAh battery. The device will be powered with CyanogenMod 11 and will priced at somewhat less than $400.

These camera samples have arrived from the Weibo account of Kang Yi, the face of China’s Renmin University and the Google+ account of one of OnePlus Developers Carl Pei.