The world of smart device is growing at a very rapid rate these days. Five to six years back it began with smartphones getting all the limelight. Today the smart world has got flooded with various smart wearables like smartbands, smartwatches, smart rings and even smart glasses. But now the Korean giant Samsung seems to be very keen on getting this smart value to bulbs even! Yes, Samsung has released smart bulbs that will function via Bluetooth and can be controlled based on the proximity and what the company claims is that these bulbs will offer a life of nearly 10 long years.


Samsung is likely to launch various mobile applications that will serve as a medium to control the bulb within range. Moreover, users will also get an option to control the bulbs remotely from anywhere with the help of Zigbee. Once this technology is out for consumers, Samsung claims that users will be able to control up to 64 smart bulbs through their tablets and smartphones. However, the availability of these smart bulbs is yet to be voiced by Samsung along with its pricing but we can safely bet the availability of this new tech in global markets soon in the coming months.


The smart bulbs will be basically a LED bulb, which the company says to be having a battery life of 15,000 hours or 10 years based on usage. This is one more addition to this big world of smart devices. Mr. Edison’s basic concept of light is now dealt in a much smarter way!