Android users have so many good to-do list, notes and calendar apps that are available on Google Play Store free for all. However, most of the apps have some lacking side that suffer you a lot. But, the new Bluenote app is a simple and well decorated app for the users.

Don’t ignore the normal notepad app because of having a simple look. In fact, this is a pretty powerful app that can add notes; remind you whenever you want with to-do list organization. In addition, you can see the information and to-do list by scrolling home screen because of the widget. On the other hand, keep the lists on the home screen too~

The app is very simple to use and organization that provides you the feature of sort and search any tagline, export data from Drop box in order to save mobile storage as well as enable night mode. Everything you will have the preview option that shows a good well-structured display.

The paid version of the Bluenote also has the Calendar view that provides night view mode as well as ad-free. Check the simple app quickly in order to get different experience from a to-do list.