The news that is making a great fuss right now is the detection of the Heartbleed bug. This security exposure matters a lot as far as the OpenSSL software library is concerned and might let a hacker to pinch information straight through an application. Moreover, this defencelessness has been there for two years now which makes a lot of sense now.


Android user is not remained from becoming a victim from the Heartbleed bug as Google declared that handsets with Android 4.1.1 are susceptible. If you are in this list then it is advisable to upgrade the software. Sadly, software updates on Android handsets do not come straight away unless you are having Nexus device or having a Google- Play edition handset

So, how to protect your device?

Get the Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner which. It is available for free at the Google Play Store which won’t resolve the Heartbleed bug but it can scan your device for any application that uses the OpenSSL’s vulnerable version to the bug.

As Bluebox claims “Android devices dispatch with OpenSSL library by  default. And, lots of apps will pack their own copies of the library. The Bluebox Heartbleed Scanner (from Bluebox Labs) will ensure all of these copies and tell you if a few appear to be susceptible to the Heartbleed vulnerability.”

Bluebox also declared that “Bluebox has released a tool through Google Play-store known as Heartbleed Scanner. The app will scan your gadget and identify if you arein company of a vulnerable version of OpenSSL.Morever, we scan all of the applications on your gadget and deliver  you with ones that keeps their own OpenSSL library — you should go after with those application developers to verify that they are using a secure version of OpenSSL.”


The app does not require authentications to run and has only a 35 KB file size. Once loaded, you can let it scrutinize your gadget and in a few seconds it will jot down the applications that runs with a version of OpenSSL library (1.0.1 through 1.0.1f) .

Get the Bluebox scanner for Android here.