After introducing a modular phone concept, Phonebloks is now entering the wearables market with the creation of a modular smartwatch “Blocks” in which you can mix and match features to create your own unique personal smartwatch.

“Wearable devices are very personal devices, so naturally being able to customise yours would be amazing, as you could make it unique to your own lifestyle!” writes designer Hakeem Javaid in his Phonebloks blog. He says that after “months of research” they finally managed to build a “simple display, processor, motion sensor and temperature sensor blocks, and we could connect them in any combination we liked!”

Blocks was originally supposed to use a special version of Android Wear like the Project Ara smartphone that uses a customized version of Android. However, the company now plans to use Samsung and Intel’s Tizen OS that will support iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Blocks team was one of the 10 finalists in Intel’s “Make It Wearable” contest that has won them funding of $50,000 as well as access to Intel’s latest processors.

Modules of Blocks will have circular and rectangular touchscreen and E Ink faces, microphone, gesture control, motion sensor, heart monitor, blood oxygen monitor, environment sensor, GPS, NFC, fingerprint scanner, audio jack, camera, sim card and many other features. Each module will feature removable covers that will allow you to customize the look and functionality of your smartwatch.

Have a look at the Blocks video:


Source Phonebloks