People usually get annoyed by the invitation of Facebook game requests, and most of them are from the people whom user doesn’t know. Are you one of those users? Then a simple solution is written below to get a break from all those annoying requests.

How to put a Stop to Game Requests on iPhone’s Facebook Application

1. Open the application of Facebook.

2. Tap on the “More” button located in lower right area of the application.

3. Go down till the bottom of the list appears and hit on Settings.

4. Then tap on the Notifications button

5. Just below the section there is a button “How You Get Notifications,” choose the Mobile Push.

6. Unmark the options of Application Invites and Application Requests.

That is the way to get rid of the game requests, in a more simple way a picture below represents that how could it be done.

 FacebookNotificaBlock Facebook Game Invites With This Simple MethodtionsOff321

In order to put a stop to further types of notifications which also include notifications of mobile, then follow the above five steps and on sixth step instead of tapping on Mobile Push hit “On Facebook” or “Email”, you will not receive notifications that you don’t like.

If a user is just looking up to turn-off some random apps that are displayed in the notifications box, then there is an easy and immediate way out, just go over notification and select the “x”. The picture given below, shows how it can be done.

FacebookNotificaBlock Facebook Game Invites With This Simple MethodtionsOff321

Well there are all the solutions, after implementation the user will get rid of the annoying invitations. Good Luck.