BlackBerry’s upcoming flagship smartphone BlackBerry Passport has generated a lot of buzz among smartphone consumers. The device is going through the process of getting various certifications ahead of its September launch. After passing through the FCC, it has now obtained the GCF certification. GCF has posted a tweet announcing this.

BlackBerry Passport sports a square 4.5-inch QHD touchscreen with a 1440 x 1440 resolution (pixel density 453ppi)  offering a great viewing experience and a 3GB RAM. Other rumored specs include 13MP rear camera and 3MP front-facing camera. The high capacity battery of 3450mAh will keep the smartphone running throughout the day. Its operating system is BlackBerry 10.3 and it would come with the BlackBerry Assistant

The smartphone boasts of a unique three-row touch-enabled QWERTY keyboard. It also has a virtual 4th row on the screen that automatically displays the virtual keys of numbers and symbols based on the context of what you are typing. For instance, if you are typing an email, the symbol ‘@’ will appear in the virtual key row or if you are surfing the web, the symbols ‘: ‘and ‘/’will be displayed.

Blackberry Passport-closeup

Pre-registrations for the BlackBerry Passport have already begun. Those who are interested can register at the link provided and get more details about the smartphone. This is not a pre-booking or a pre-ordering of the device but just an expression of interest in the soon-to-be-launched phone. You will be notified about the details and availability of the smartphone through email.

The BlackBerry Passport is expected to launch sometime in September but its pricing has not been revealed yet.

Blackberry Passport Preorder