We recently saw a video showing off BlackBerry’s new soon-to-be launched Passport smartphone.  Although people are eagerly waiting for the BlackBerry Passport because of its unusual square screen and QWERTY keyboard, there is a feeling that the smartphone may be a little too big for their pockets due to its wide shape. However, a picture posted by @halobandit on Twitter and reported by n4bb shows a man sliding the BlackBerry Passport in his pocket. This means that the device can easily fit in a pant pocket. So the apprehension is needless.

Take a look at the picture posted by him:

BlackBerry Passport

Those who had doubts about its portability after watching the pics and videos of the BlackBerry Passport can rest assured that the width of the handset should not be a problem at all.

Another news trickling in is that the BlackBerry Passport has received certification for Singapore. A device with the codename SQW100 which is the Blackberry Passport, has been approved by the Singapore government’s Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) for use in Singapore.

BlackBerry Passport Certification

It is worth noting that BlackBerry Passport has already received the FCC and GCF certification sometime back. Pre-registrations for the phone have started and the device is expected to be launched next month.

BlackBerry Passport White