BlackBerry made an announcement today that it is launching up the BlackBerry 10 OS, to work on contend MDM devices. Of course, BlackBerry gives its proprietary  MDM service with the BlackBerry BES 10, which has newly been opened up to tread  Android and iOS based devices. BlackBerry has likewise opened up its BBM messaging platform to comprise iOS and Android operators. Later this year, BES 10 and BBM would be able to support Windows Phone handsets.

Non-BlackBerry MDM product would be offered by AirWatch, Citrix and IBM which will be the first companies to offer this and it will work with BlackBerry 10 handsets. Head of global enterprise services” BlackBerry’s John Sims “illuminated the reason behind the move when he pointed out in a press release (which impersonated as a Q&A interview), that the producer is “stood to be a main performer in the multi-trillion dollar Internet of Possessions market.” To all to everyone needs an assured amount of elasticity that BlackBerry has presented itself quite skilled of succeeding.

The trillion dollar question is whether BlackBerry is assassination itself in the foot by inaugurating up its mobile OS platform to competing MDM makers. But Sims speaks that with BES 12 getting prepare for a launch later this year; iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 and older BlackBerry models would be soon supported by BlackBerry’s MDM solution. “The only company that can upkeep the entire range of an organization’s mobility managing necessities is BlackBerry,” express the executive.

Sims likewise took the opportunity to endorse BlackBerry’s safety record, saying that nothing is more protected than a BlackBerry device managed by a BlackBerry server. He added that regulated industries are strained to the mixture because of the company’s “level of security that is unique with any other initiative mobility provider.”