Handset maker BlackBerry recently applied to US Patent and Trademark Office and added one more patent to its portfolio that shows out a new concept technology wherein a wearable would help to unlock a smartphone.

This is basically a presented concept wherein the proximity of a wearable would bypass a lock code on the smartphone. However, this ides has been earlier presented at the Google I/O conference where it was shown to be implemented via the Android Wear.

The difference that lies with the patent is that it would be a stand-alone device having a physical clip that should be closed for the wearable to function. This would certainly provide an added security as it would eliminate concerns that someone would have about their device being unlocked in the proximity of a wearable when the wearable is not worn.


From this patent filings, no conclusion for the device-in-work could be drawn at the moment, but it seems that the handset maker is putting in efforts for its future products to integrate with its flagship products ahead.