A new color HTC One M8 will be available in the market soon according to the Evleaks. A possible black HTC One M8 will be in the retailer’s store that may surprise you. Don’t think of Sprint-exclusive Harman-Kardon edition because HTC One M8’s new color is black.

Although HTC One M8 has for sale from March, HTC is thinking of new color for the users to enhance the revenue from the market. However, this is no release date officially of this bright black HTC One M8 in the market. But, this is probably available in upcoming months and takes its place beside other colors.

Black HTC One M8 Approaching to the Market Soon

Gunmetal Gray, Amber Gold and Glacial Silver are the existing color of HTC One M8 at the same time Glamour Red sold as an exclusive to Verizon and HTC One M8 Blue is only available in UK market.

If you are outside of US and UK, you have not got blue and red HTC One M8 in your market. But, hope, soon black HTC One M8 will join blue and red color soon.