There are a lot of things that you can do in Gmail. You can send out email, exchange notes with others as well as chat with online contacts. Bill Payment is another feature from Google’s Gmail. Apparently Google is reported to be in the development stage of “Pony Express”. With this service, users are able to pay bills or split costs with other Gmail users.

The service is linked directly to your bank accounts or debit cards. Before the user able to use the service, he/she needs to provide personal information such as name, address and Social Security Number via third-party company.

There is no confirmation whether Google will use “Pony Express” as the service name. However, the service is expected to be available for the public in the fourth quarter of the year. This is seen as a good move to Google since nowadays, more and more people are using computers and mobile devices to do mostly everything and it is no surprise to add the bill and payments into it.

There is also no further information on what Google would do with the data that it collects from the service.  Google’s Gmail has been around in market for 11 years and currently has more than 425 million users.