Situation of smartwatches

Smartwatches is a product that most people do not find interesting at the moment. People write about them a lot though the device is not popular. It is still believed that the development of smartwatches is moving in the right direction, and they will become as important as a smartphone in future.

The “flexibility” factor

Currently there are different issues with smartphones and smartwatches. Something that really needs to be understood is the flexibility. It is something that can really change the design of smart products for a certain period of time. The idea of flexible smart products was considered to be possible when people came to know about graphene. It is an exceptional product that has everything to fix what is wrong with the smart products. It can be used to make a very thin, flexible and long-lasting battery. Before this scientists also started working on flexible screens. Now when there is a hope that both flexible screens and flexible batteries will be possible to manufacture, it will enable companies to make flexible smartphones in the future. Those flexible mobile phones could be folded or rolled up.

flexible battery

The present level of flexibility

So far people have not seen anything like a flexible smartphone though engineers are working to get there. Products like Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex have flexible screens, but they are slightly flexible.  The flexibility level of Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex is limited. The objective of their flexibility is to give user a better grip or a better viewing angle. Both of them cannot be bended to any desired level.

Flexible battery

It is impossible to make a flexible smartphone without having a flexible battery. Samsung made an announcement that they have achieved this. It is claimed that this battery remains fully functional even if it is rolled up. However, it does not mean that there will be flexible smartphones in the market soon. The main use of flexible batteries is going to be in a less important gadget that is smartwatches. At the moment smartwatches have a very short battery life, and the situation will be totally different after the addition of flexible batteries.

Present smartwatch

Not long ago, there was a discussion on the advantages of the Pebble Smartwatch. Despite the fact that it has the least features among all the smartwatches available, there is one thing that makes it unique from all others. Its battery will last for at least seven days. Majority of smartwatches usually last for 3 days, and sometimes for 4 days. Sometimes they last for even more than 4 days if the user does not use any of its features for which he has paid a good amount of money. Now Samsung is going to put this flexible battery in the wristband of the smartwatch which will extend the battery life for significant amount of time.

New smartwatch

It can be said that the coming changes in smartwatches will benefit Samsung. Due to longer battery life, companies especially Samsung will sell smartwatches for more than $250. As a result, users will be able to enjoy all features for a longer time.

Future prospects

There are people who like their smartwatches the way they are; however, most people do not buy the device due to short battery life.  Time will decide if longer battery life will convince more people to buy a smartwatch.