There has been quite a rumor regarding a bezelless handset from Chinese manufacturer Oppo to be coming soon and now the device is said to have been leaked in some of the most comprehensive leaks of its images and even a video showing up the device.

The company is said to be working in developing its own indigenous technology for the bezelless handset considering some design implications as the risks of breakage. The company has arrived with a solution which bends the light emitted from the pixels at the screen edges providing an edge-to-edge display illusion. Additionally, the display panel would be surrounded by a rim that will ensure the strength requirements are met. The key issue would be the front glass panel which would be of the prime importance for this handset.

The leaked images show that the handset has got a unique look. Moreover, its rival competitor ZTE is also planning to release a similar handset called as the Nubia Z9. For the meanwhile, enjoy the images and the video below (click the link below for the video).

Oppo bezleless handset 1 Oppo bezleless handset 2 Oppo bezleless handset 3 Oppo bezleless handset 4 Oppo bezleless handset