Material Design is the new buzz, and with the sooner-than-later release of Android L this Fall developers have been scrambling to get their apps updated to the new design language in occasion for the release of Google’s latest OS update.

Material design is a comprehensive guide for motion,visual and interactive design across platforms and devices. It is borrowing from the good elements of Holo, the design language that makes ample new design choices and paths that set it apart from the rest of the masses in the market.

Material Design apps makes the applications come to life, and developers are quickly realizing that this is more than just a simple visual refresh with the same old design philosophy.

Let’s have a look at the Material design applications that fully complements the visual identity of Android’s next major version.!

The best Material Design apps for Android till now:

1. Sliding Explorer (free)

Sliding Explorer is a file explorer app boasting all the functionality users would expect from such applications, and its interface is a great example in context of Material Design


2. S Converter – Unit Converter (free)

S Converter is developed by Sabri Apps, and lets users to convert just about anything they could possibly think of.  With a super colorful interface that is confirmed to turn heads, S Converter is downright gorgeous as well as wonderful to use.  Need to convert decimal to binary, miles to kilometers or just about anything else?


3. Wally (free)

Wally is bringing a immense library of wallpapers to users, and it even supports all the way upto 4k resolution wallpapers and beyond.  Wally relying on the database provided by, and as such has a massive repository which is presented in an ultra-slick and colorful Material Design interface. The interface is full of smooth and interesting transitions and animations.


4. Today Calendar (trial)

Today calender application contains all the features users would find in the stock calendar app, with many features getting slightly modified and rebuilt inorder to increase performance and productivity..


5. MindFlux Open Beta (free)

MindFlux is a innovative material organization app that aims to get everything into one easy to use.  With a well-marked tabbed interface and colorful visual hints all over the place, MindFlux is keeping what’s important at the forefront and easily lets users to organize their information in the way that’s most important to them.


6. Between – Private Couples App (free)

Between is a secure way for couples to store and share their memories, providing an communication channel just between two special people. Features:

Chat: Secure,fast and secured 1-to-1 chat with specially designed stickers and stamps helping you to communicate your feelings better.

Moments: Private photo album allows couples to store and share their cherished moments with each other. Enjoy and remember more of your preferred memories better in a timeline just for two.

Shared Calendar: Easy-to-use calendar to plan dates, notify partner about key appointments or travel schedules and to keep track of special days like anniversaries and birthdays.


7. Unclouded (free)

Unclouded is likely the solution for managing the crazy cloud inventory of files, photos and videos in style.  Presented in a tabbed format all your albums and other information can easily be shuffled through and managed, and Unclouded supports both Google Drive and Dropbox with OneDrive and Box support coming soon


8. Andrognito BETA – Hide Files (free)

Andrognito app can keep your confidential and important files which you don’t want others to access, hidden inside your Android device with its 3-Layer Encryption Engine. All the important files like documents, apps, pictures, videos are securely hidden inside a safe vault which nobody except you with the password can access, thereby giving you absolute control over your handset’s privacy.