Dutch phone manufacturer Bellperre has launched a customized hand-crafted luxury cellphone. We’ve all seen the Apple iPhone and HTC Gold One, made ​​for people looking for ways to spend their money. But for some, even that is not enough to differentiate them from the masses.

Luxury phonemaker Bellperre has taken a step further, allowing not only the purchase of mobiles made ​​of solid gold, studded with diamonds, or covered with python skin, but also personalizing it with all kinds of expensive materials, with its new configurator luxury phone.

The configurator allows consumers to make decisions about the leather, frame, logo plate, buttons, language and engraving. All orders are Bellperre handmade, and are confident that you apart from the crowd. The custom phone can be designed by the consumer on the company’s Web site and reserved online. Orders are completed and delivered within three weeks by Bellperre craftsmen.


The language options include English, Arabic and Cyrillic and the consumer can choose the engraving. The leather that encases the phone can be chosen by color or animal. The animal skin options are alligator, lizard, shark, ostrich, buffalo and snake. Color options for logo plates,buttons and the frame include blue, green yellow, red, white, brown, orange, gray and pink variants. To ensure unique personalization, there are more than 100 leather and color combinations.

Bellperre’s website makes consumers to send a sales inquiry for an exact price estimate of the customized handset. It is generally unaffordable for the masses. The S60 based devices are a marvels of technology, just prepared ​​more for looks than anything else, but Bellperre assuring Android compatiblity in the near future.However I would say that the only thing it can really imply is your lack of discretion and your taste for animal cruelty (because of animal skins).