Last year in November, Apple had announced its Beats Solo2 wireless headphones which then were available in four standard color options of black, white, red and blue. However, now the Cupertino based tech giant has decided to give a color tone of the iPad and the iPhone to its headphones adding three new color options of gold, space grey and silver.

The good thing is that there is no change in the price of headphones and these too are currently offered at $299 a $10 more than the wired version of Beats Solo2. The original four shades are still available in addition to the new ones.

These headphones work over with a Bluetooth connection wherein you can wirelessly connect your iPad and iPhone or even the Apple Watch as long as you are in the proximity range of 30 feet. You can even use the built-in mic system to receive calls while through the Solo2 wireless headphones. The rechargeable battery can offer 12-hours of seamless before the next charge cycle.

You can order the Beats headphones by clicking at the source link below.

source: BeatsbyDre