Apple acquired Beats Electronics for $3 billion last year. Beats Electronics are well known for its headphones and speakers products, however, the streaming service, Beats Music, seems like a new service which is going to be launched after the company has been acquired by Apple.

Recently, there are leaks that the streaming service will operate under an entirely new enterprise. The design and concept will still be handled by Apple with a few remnants of Beats Music’s technologies and content here and there. It is planned to be part of a wider collection of apps which includes iTunes and Apple TV.

New features will be added in. One of the new feature is the search feature which will allows users to easily find new music that they can either stream or add to their devices. In the future, Apple is planning to integrate it with the cloud infrastructure. Beats’ existing features such as Playlists, Activities and Mixes will also be integrated into the service.

The support for Android continues since Apple has not developed any app for Google’s platform. The service will be priced at around $7.99 monthly. However, it is not confirmed.