BBC is coming up with a TV which can be operated based on our mind. This is good news for all the couch potatoes out there! As with this mind controlled TV, they do not need to lift a finger to open an app in the TV or select a program to watch.

The mind controlled TV is now being developed by BBC’s Digital division. According to the Head of business development for the division, Cyrus Saihan, the television is aimed to give preview for program makers, technologists and others of the possibilities that can be made based on this technology. One of these possibilities is for the people with disabilities as well as an opportunity to develop a better user interface. It also can be useful in a scenario whereby the drivers do not need to lift their fingers from the steering wheel when they want to change the radio station in their cars.

The prototype is using a low-cost electroencephalography (EEG) brainwave ready headset which is similar to the technology which is used for Melomind and Muse brain-training apps. The way that it works is that the headset monitors on the electrical activity of the brain which in the end is transmitting signal to the apps to use concentration or meditation as a command to do something. The app then will display something like volume bar on the screen which in the end will carry out certain actions according to the level of the concentration.

The users are presented with five popular BBC shows. When the users want to watch one of them, they will need to concentrate for 10 seconds and the program will start playing.

Well, this sounds good and hopefully, we can get the final version soon!