Here is a wonderful app for the Apple Watch+iPhone users that would help you determine about the how much battery life is present of the iPhone just from the data on your wrists. Yes in case you have plugged your headphones for hours and have kept the iPhone in your pockets like during morning jogs and similar times, the Battery Monitor app on your Apple Watch will help you know about the status of your iPhone’s battery before you run out of the juice.

Tom Etminan has recently created an app for the Apple Watch which allows you to check the status of your iPhone’s battery in just a Glance. For this first you need to install the Battery Monitor app on your iPhone and then go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Here tap the My Watch>Glances and add Battery Monitor. This app will intimate the users hen the battery of the iPhone falls below a certain percentage and call also inform about the fully charged condition of your iPhone. The animated ring showing up the charging status uses different kinds of colors depending upon the remaining battery life. Thus in quick glance, you can know the status of your iPhone’s battery.

The app is currently available for free on the Apple App Store. The developer is likely to add some features to the app in the near future which might add a price to it. Click the source link below to get the app.

Battery-Monitor-lets-you-track-your-iPhones-battery-using-your-Apple-Watch (1) Battery-Monitor-lets-you-track-your-iPhones-battery-using-your-Apple-Watch (2) Battery-Monitor-lets-you-track-your-iPhones-battery-using-your-Apple-Watch (4) Battery-Monitor-lets-you-track-your-iPhones-battery-using-your-Apple-Watch

source: BatteryMonitor (iOS)