People with a bank account have to go through an identity verification process which includes a security question when they use the customer service. While it is present to save customers from fraud, one company is working to make it more efficient and time saving.

Banks To Use Voice Biometrics To Save Time

An Israeli firm, Nice Systems, has introduced new biometrics sensor that will enable the call centers to identify a person through his voice in real time. According to the company the authentication system uses algorithms to identify the caller’s voice. This will allow call centers to work more quickly saving the bank the money on its costs.

The biometric system by Nice works very efficiently. When a customer calls, his voice is automatically input into a voice print database which then stores the voice and makes a separate thumbprint of the customer. This thumbprint is then use to identify the customer in later calls by comparing the voice on the line. CSRs and phone agents are reported if the voice of the caller doesn’t match with the one in the voice database. Furthermore, the security question may then be deployed to identify the caller.

Companies are using biometrics for protection against fraud. Samsung executive have confirmed earlier this month that Samsung is currently experimenting on adding biometric recognition in its Galaxy phones.

Nice has reported that their system decreases call handling time of a call center by 45 seconds. The company hasn’t provided names of the clients using its system but it says it is already in use by some large financial institutions around the globe.