Jennifer Ujimori signed up her Bolognese puppy up for a basic obedience class with Burke, Va, business Dog Tranquility. The whole course costs about $175.However, she was disappointed as her dog was put in the same class as older, bigger dogs and was kept in a separate area. The dog was weighted about 4-pound then. This information as per reported by Washington Post.

Jennifer then asked for a pro-rated refund, however, it is to no avail. On top of that she wrote negative feedback in Yelp as well as Angie’s List for the Dog Tranquility business.  Her negative feedback on Yelp, “In a nutshell, the services delivered were not as advertised and the owner refused a refund”.

This sounds like a normal negative Yelp review. However, Colleen Dermott, the business’ owner sued Jennifer with defamation lawsuit. The three reviews from “J U” were removed in the Yelp section listing as it is violating “content guidelines or terms of service”. One was made in Jan 28 while the other two were made in March 14.

From the Dermott’s storyline, she said that she has told Jennifer in advance about the makeup class and the gated area; furthermore, she also signed a contract specifying that there are no refunds and also did not accept her offer for a credit for future classes. According to her, bad reviews could hurt her business as she used these sites to advertise her business.