The Apple iPhone 6 news continue to exist and a recent rumor coming from some source shows that the Cupertino giant may use its famous Apple logo at the back of iPhone 6 as a notification light. Every time there is a new notification to your iPhone, the logo would light up even on placing the handset faced down.

Flashing up the Apple logo has already been in the company’s laptop MaC lineup, however it was without and functional use or indication. Bringing this logo as the notification light in the iPhone 6 could certainly prove to be very useful. This assumption is being based on the above image that shows the final design for the rear casing of the iPhone 6.

For all the previous iPhones, there were solid blocks with the back panel Apple logo engraved on it whereas in this case, looking inside the back panel, we could see a plastic blob in the middle where the Apple logo is to be supposedly placed. A small bit of plastic is inserted in the back casing which will allow the light to flash through it. With so much rumors floating, we cannot say this to be real deal unless we have any official word from the company and so we would like you to take this with a pinch of salt.