Display Brightness is the latest Android Wear application designed to give smartwatches the ability of auto brightness. This would be boon to the LG G Watch and Galaxy Gear users, since both wearables are lacking a light sensor. Users will have to manually adjust brightness of the display depending on conditions.

The Display Brightness for Wear uses the time and user’s network location to determine how bright the watch should be. It also utilizes current mobile activity as noticed by the Google Play Services activity detection API. During night time, the display screen stays at the faintest setting. In a daytime, the application will try to estimate whether users are indoors or out and will set the brightness to either high or medium setting, respectively. For example – if the activity detection API estimates that users are driving, the smartwatch’s brightness will be auto-adjust to high mode.

There are still a number of things the application lacks. For e.g, once it is installed – it is always on, concluding that manual brightness adjustments are no longer effective. Also the auto-balancing feature is not real-time in order to preserve the battery. The Moto 360 is expected to possess an ambient light sensor, although the Display Brightness for Wear provides you counterfeit the same functionality on the Gear Live and G Watch.

Download the Display Brightness app here