Augment may be a new case series from Rubix that puts a spin on the normal battery case. Rubix is presently seeking funding on Kickstarter to supply this line of business, however don’t let that get you down. This is often undoubtedly ought to have your hard-earned money if you’d prefer to have the advantages of A battery case, while not all of the majority.

Augment may be a standard charging case for iPhone 5/5s that permits you to snap on a 1,200mAh module after you would like it. The thought is extremely easy, however terribly effective and can add a further 60 % battery life to your iPhone. The Augment Charge module is intended to be sufficiently small to suit in a very coin pocket and take up little or no area once hooked up to the case.

The Augment Charge comes with a small USB charging cable which will additionally charge and correct the iPhone once connected. There’s additionally a tiny low semiconductor diode standing indicator on the facet of the module to assist keep you alert to the remaining power. Augment Charge has additionally received MFI (Made For iPhone) approval from Apple and can continue with the ultimate certification method once the project meets its funding goal.

Over the past week, we’ve had the chance to check the Augment series and see what it all is concerning. Check up on the video summary below for an in depth initial look.

As way because the case goes, I’m an enormous fan of its style. This can be positively completely different than the other case I’ve seen and also the extra charging practicality makes it a winner in my book. The external of the case is roofed with sturdy TPU, whereas the within contains a polycarbonate shell to feature reinforcement. Each the charge module and case square measure in black, blue, and red in the market.

Presently, there are 2 products during this line-up that make the Augment standard system: Augment Case and Augment Charge. As a result of these 2 separate products, they’ll be assimilated one by one or as a set through pledges on Kickstarter.

rubix_augment_case_2_hi_resRubix has conjointly informed us that a dock is additionally being created to figure with the Augment case. Presently, the dock system is nothing quite an inspiration, however the corporate plans to bring it to life at some extra point the initial Kickstater goal has been reached. Besides that, we’ve conjointly been told that Rubix has idea to cultivate an Augment case for Apple’s next generation iPhone once it’s been released.

The Kickstarter campaign may be a very little over twenty five % funded and therefore the product pledges have a calculable delivery between August and July of this year. If you’d desire to get in on the action, there are a couple of “early bird” offers, one amongst which is capable to get you an Augment Case and Charge in colours of your selection for under $45. If you’d prefer to determine additional, head over to Augment’s Kickstarter Page here.