A new USB-enhancement named SlimPort Pro has announced by the tech company, Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. this is a cable with ALL-IN-ONE connectivity solution that provides support for audio, video, data and charging feature. This –pin USB port with USB 2.0 data transfer rate enables you good service. Moreover, transmit HD video up to 2160p with this cable as well as 8 audio channels.

SlimPort Pro is a single connector that connects with anything to have video, audio and data transfer with this. You will have 75Mbps data transfer rate with 10Watt power ability. Moreover, 10-pin USB 3.0 ports can give you 600Mbps data transfer rate while you will get slower data transfer when it connects with MHL 3.0.

Audio, Video, Data and Power in SlimPort Pro sample 1

According to the vice president of Marketing for Analogix, Andre Bouwer, docking with Smartphone and tablet has become easier with SlimPort Pro. As a result, you can easily use your Smartphone as your personal computer because of easy transfer, display transfer and having 64 bit application processors. Moreover, running office applications on your android device also possible as well as creating content when you are not at office.

Having a standard interface system, you can also develop the performance of mobile device by using the variety of hardware and software applications.

However, LG and Asus are the only brand that does not have MHL Smartphones and tablets for user.