Audi/LG Introduce A Smartwatch Having Open webOS

A smartwatch was brought in by LG and Audi at the CES 2015, which caught the attention of public present at the expo.

It was believed that the device would use Android Wear as an operating system, but the smartwatch is powered by an open webOS of LG.

Audi has been advertising the smartwatch as a device that will enable the user to control automobile of Audi. Like, the watch will be able to remotely unlock the Audi’s doors. A list of icons of applications based on User Interface of LG smartphone can be opened by a button located at the center.

A dialer and many other applications are included in the watch; apps like calendar, email, messaging, and music.

A fitness application, “LG Health W”, is installed in the smartwatch and other than that “Find My Phone” feature is included in the device which helps the user to locate its lost mobile.

The webOS was first introduced in the market six years ago but finally it has gained the popularity at CES 2015. The operating system got well known at the ceremony due to its presence in the watch.

In 2013, webOS was purchased by LG from HP; for the first time LG displayed its newly bought OS on smart TVs in the CES 2014. The company unveiled its new webOS 2.0 on its new smart TVs at CES 2015.

The LG webOS smartwatch has a support for third-party applications and consists of cellular capabilities which make it usable without any smartphone.